I’m thrilled to announce that the final installment of the Transcender Trilogy has been released and is now available on Amazon.com, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KC7IVPW.  It’s been a long and eventful year for me, and I admit there were times when I wondered if this day would ever come. Thanks to all the loyal readers who stuck by me through the ups and downs to get to the end of the series.


Although I’m thrilled to be moving on to bigger and better projects, it’s with a heavy heart and a few tears that I bid farewell to my characters: Jaden, Ryder, Ralston, Asher, and the rest. I hope you loved them as much as I did! Thanks everyone!


I’m a writer and author of novels, short stories and poetry. My TRANSCENDER TRILOGY blends science-fiction, fantasy, and romance in an exciting cross-dimensional adventure. My latest, The Weight of Air, is a short work of contemporary fiction presenting a tantalizing "Would I?/Wouldn't I?” dilemma.
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