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"Fear Not the Many Paths of Life." ~ Transecender Motto

“Fear Not the Many Paths of Life.” ~ Transecender Motto

Dear Readers, Friends, and Fans of the Transcender Series,

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the release of Illuminosity, Book 3 of the Transcender Trilogy. My goal was to have it released this year prior to the holidays. Unfortunately, events not within my control have pushed the release date back a bit. Although I completed the initial draft of Illuminosity, the longest book of the trilogy, in early September, after a routine mammogram later that month, I was hit with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

This shocking news turned my world upside down. Thankfully, the cancer was caught very early and had not spread to my lymph nodes. In the last six weeks I’ve undergone a flurry of tests, two surgeries, and I’m about to begin a course of radiation therapy. Fortunately, I do not need to undergo chemo-therapy. The bottom line is: I am now cancer-free, feeling great, and looking forward to getting back to work full time on my writing.

For those of you waiting for Book 3, please know that even though the holidays are hectic, I’m working on the rewrites in every spare moment. I have a wonderful editor standing by to go over the manuscript when I feel it’s in near-perfect shape. The book will be released immediately after the final edits and formatting are complete.

Carrie Drazek has designed another knockout cover for Book 3 (with a glimpse of Ryder and Arumel). I hope you will love it as much as I do.  A cover reveal and announcement will be published as soon as we have a firm release date.

All of your favorite characters are back in Illuminiosity–Jaden, Ryder, Asher, Ralston, and the rest. A few intriguing new characters are also introduced as Jaden’s life takes some extraordinary new twists and turns. As with the first two books, Book 3 weaves elements of romance, adventure, fun, and even a few tears into an otherworldly tale of destiny and triumph.

Many thanks to all who have read and supported the Transcender Series these past two years. I appreciate your generous reviews, kind notes, and hearty recommendations to others. You are all very dear to me.

While working my way through the challenge of cancer, I’ve tried to keep in mind the Transcender motto: Fear not the many paths of life. Though this new adventure is not a path I would have chosen for myself, it has reminded me to live each day in gratitude. Tomorrow is promised to no one. I am so grateful for all my readers. Thanks for sticking with me!

May your holidays be filled with peace, happiness, and good health!

Much Love,



I’m a writer and author of novels, short stories and poetry. My TRANSCENDER TRILOGY blends science-fiction, fantasy, and romance in an exciting cross-dimensional adventure. My latest, The Weight of Air, is a short work of contemporary fiction presenting a tantalizing "Would I?/Wouldn't I?” dilemma.


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