Transcender: First-Timer (Transcender #1)

A freak storm and super-charged electrical field accidently catapult Jaden Beckett into a weird alternate universe and an amazing parallel existence. The destiny police want her out. Jaden’s got other plans!

Agent Ralston of the Inter-Universal Guidance Agency rescues Jaden and helps her assume a new identity. And what an amazing identity it is. In her parallel life, Jaden is a member of the royal family that governs one of the three surviving dome nations. Her mother is alive in this existence, a miracle she never dreamed possible. Even more compelling is her breathless romance with Ryder Blackthorn, a wanted outlaw, and possibly her one true soul mate.

Can the powerful Inter-Universal Guidance Agency force her to go home? Or is Jaden what some in this strange land believe her to be—a Transcender with the ability to travel among alternate dimensions at will?

Praise for Transcender: First-Timer

“Savage is a skilled storyteller… this jaunt into high adventure and romance in a parallel universe launches a promising new trilogy in YA fantasy.” Kirkus Reviews

“Completely imaginative, lush description, terrific book!” Christina Hickey, Ensconced in YA

“…the combination of action, adventure, and romance makes [Transcender] a great title for YA readers.” IndieReader



Streaming Stars (Transcender #2)

Eighteen-year-old Jaden Beckett has thirty days to ultimately decide her own destiny. Which path will she choose? Her current life with her loving family in Connecticut? Life in an intriguing alternate world with the man she loves? Or the amazing life of a multi-universe Transcender?

In Streaming Stars, Book 2 of the Transcender Trilogy, Jaden and her mentor, Agent Ralston, of the Inter-Universal Guidance Agency return to Domerica, where she reunites with her mother and her fiancé, Ryder Blackthorn, experiences fantastic Transcender adventures in exotic parallel worlds, and narrowly escapes a hit squad of black knights. In the end, Jaden’s decision is anything but simple.

Praise for Streaming Stars

“The second installment… features a powerful young girl making hard choices… Savage lets Jaden narrate this compelling story, and readers of the trilogy’s first book will find it an exceptional read.” Kirkus Reviews

“Full of unexpected twists and turns, mystery, and romance, Streaming Stars is an exciting interdimensional romp that you will not want to miss!” Elizabeth Corrigan, author of Oracle of Philadelphia

“The second installment is even stronger than the first: great world-building, characters, and description.” Christina, Ensconced in Lit

ILLUMINOSITY ThumbnialILLUMINOSITY  (Transcender #3)

In the conclusion to the Transcender Trilogy, Jaden Beckett faces her greatest challenges to date. She is compelled to leave the love of her life and abandon her adopted home or face certain death at the hands of the powerful Inter-Universal Guidance Agency.

With Warrington Palace under siege, Jaden and Ryder are violently separated. Heartsick and alone, Jaden begins a new chapter of life as a Transcender, only to discover that her fiercest battle is yet to come.

Is Jaden safe anywhere in the galaxy? Or should IUGA ask itself that question, having underestimated her before?

With her usual wit and tenacity, Jaden fights to discover her place in the multiverse, the true meaning of destiny, and the keys to the mystery of eternal love.


“I love Vicky Savage’s Transcender trilogy so much, and I’m a little sad it’s over. There’s nothing I like more than a good ending, though, and Illuminosity is definitely a good ending.” ~ Elizabeth Corrigan, author of the Earthbound Angels series.

“…a wonderful conclusion to the Transcender Trilogy. Very dramatic, and so emotional. [A] must read for any sci fi, romance or fantasy fans. ~Caitlin Gavin


The Weight of Air: A Short Story

What would you do if a priceless manuscript just fell into your lap and nobody knew about it but you? Bestselling author, Scott Jasper, is hiding out—from his fans, his wife, and his personal demons. A dilapidated cottage on isolated Aurelia Key seems the perfect spot to duck his impending professional ruin. But a chance meeting on the beach with a crusty old fisherman suddenly changes everything, throwing his life into chaos and challenging the very essence of his soul.

Praise for The Weight of Air:

Ms. Savage offers up an intriguing “would I or wouldn’t I” dilemma. From the first words, it beckons, sets the hook, and delivers. Savage’s insight about “murdering time” is fresh, eye opening, and convicting. Like an expertly articulated summation. Highly recommend! ~Rebecca Russell

Vicky Savage is one of my favorite up and coming authors and she doesn’t disappoint in this entertaining short story. A great one to take along on your trip to the beach. You’ll love the ending. ~Designs by LeeRe