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ILLUMINOSITY COVER PLACEHOLDERLots of fun things coming up in April. On April 3rd, I’ll have a special guest post on Naming Characters by Elizabeth Corrigan, author of the wonder Oracle of Philadelphia, as part of her Raising Chaos tour. Don’t miss it.

Also, I’m Thrilled to announce that the cover for ILLUMINOSITY, Book 3 of the Transcender Trilogy, will be revealed right here, and on Goodreads and a few other sites, on April 15, 2014. Once again, Carrie Drazek has done a superb job on the design.

The ILLUMINOSITY release date is set for May 15, 2014. Those of you who have requested to be first readers will receive it prior to that date. Stay tuned for more Transcender news!

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and good wishes! I’m feeling great and so grateful that the Transcender Trilogy will soon be complete and I can move on to the other exciting projects I have waiting in the wings.

Much love,



I’m a writer and author of novels, short stories and poetry. My TRANSCENDER TRILOGY blends science-fiction, fantasy, and romance in an exciting cross-dimensional adventure. My latest, The Weight of Air, is a short work of contemporary fiction presenting a tantalizing "Would I?/Wouldn't I?” dilemma.


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